Monday, July 10, 2006

Seven years of marriage to John Christopher Stark

John and Ean Stark eating some popcorn. Ummy!Well, John has wanted me to blog for a few day now. I said that my first one would be on our 7th Anniversary and that it would be sappy. This moring when I got up a card was waiting for me with 7 Take 5 candy bars. They are my favorite right now! (if you have not had one yet, they are awesome!!!) I must say that I was impressed that I got my card right away in the moring because I get them most of the time at 11pm at night. He thought of me before hand and that means a lot to me!

Where do I begin: As your card said, you love the things and life that we have made together. I must agree! I love the times when you talk to me about our future and what you see for us and the boys. To know that you care and want the best for us means more to me than I can put into words. The now three home we have worked on and built together have each been special in their own way. The first one you carried me into. The second one we carried two little boys home to. And the third everything had to be carried twice just to get us here. What memories. Some of the few I remember are: After our wedding you told me that you loved me and were proud of me. It was hard for you to share me with everyone, but you loved the day. Getting to see and talk to all those people who had come just for the two of us was pretty incredible. When Ean came into the world one the first things you said as they were trying to get him to cry was "hello son, I am your father". You kept on saying it! I had to tell you to stop! Those sweet words made me cry and still do today. When Evan came, our surprise and very fast delivery, the doctor said "it's a boy" and you said "all right, another son!" To hear that you were just as excited with the second as the first made me feel safe and comforted. I did not know if I could be a mother to two so soon, but with you helping hands I knew I would be ok. Speaking about your helping hands, that is one of the things that I appreciate about you most. You help with the kitchen and house duties when you can tell I am tired. You play with the boys when I need a break. Thank you for serving us and working for us so that we can have a home to feel safe in each day.

I also love the way that our boys have come to want to be and play with you more than me right now. It gives me so much joy to see them run to you when you come home or reach for you when they need a hug. The love and trust they have in you is so special. I can't wait to watch it grow over the next several years! I am going to have to move on now. I can't see the computor screen very well any more. The tears are running freely now!
I love you, honey. I can't wait to see what the next 7 years and more bring to our lives.

Your wife, Jayne

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