Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reading user manuals can be a good idea!

Over the past week I've seen new life from my aging laptop purchased in 2005. I reinstalled the original factory image from the recovery disc along with all the other software I use on a regular basis. (Note: I did back up all my user data prior to this!)
After reinstalling the factory image on the laptop, the original user manual reappeared on my desktop. Just for kicks I opened it up and started going through the entire users manual to see if there was anything about my laptop I didn't already know.

Yep... I didn't know everything. In fact, I found several helpful utilities that would have been helpful to me if I only knew! I also discovered things about my mouse/touchpad I didn't know about either.

Food for thought...
When you invest several hundred dollars in new technology it can pay to take a little time to skim those user manuals.
Now, where are all those other user manuals I've yet to read yet?!