Sunday, January 22, 2012

Interesting chart. The Obama Economic Record
I suppose one could look at any chart to discover some sort of bias; however, the trend one sees in a chart like this paints a picture I'd rather not see.
I once naively considered the impact of the president on America a minor thing. My opinion changed soon after President Clinton was in office.
Looking back I realized that Ronald Reagan was president during the years I was first formalizing my political opinions. I laugh at myself when reflecting upon a government class in high school where I first started to determine whether my beliefs better aligned with republicans or democrats. Up until that time I hadn't really consider what party I felt more effinity for. My primary consideration at that time and even now is how those parties align with my own worldview.
Looking at the political landscape today I'm finding it increasingly difficult to strongly consider any particular candidate for president my ideal choice. However, one thing is clear. The leaders we choose to follow will take steps in a particular direction. The question for me now is whether or not the steps one particular leader takes will be those I would choose. The pessimist in me finds myself more concerned about the leader who'd take steps in which I would consider entirely the wrong direction.
It is becoming increasingly clear to me the steps President Obama are taking this country are in the wrong direction. While I'm sure his intentions make sense from his point of view, they don't make much sense to me. I don't place the entire state of things in American as the result of his leadership; however, he, serving as president, is responsible for the decisions he has made.
America has never been the perfect utopia. However, I still believe it to be one of the greatest countries ever to exist.
The trends in this chart concern me. It is clear that we need leadership in America that will take a different path. A path which would see most of the trends in this chart to reverse their course.