Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Evan makes his father proud

Evan sitting in his scroller

Evan is now about 14.5 months old now. He is just about to the point of walking on his two feet instead of crawing to go from point to point. He is saying new words that we’ve never heard him say before. He loves any attention you give him.
In the last week, Jayne and I have noticed that Evan now wants me whenever I’m around. He wants me to hold him.

This morning Jayne set him down on our bed and as I was walking around the room about to leave he wanted me to pick him up instead of mom. It was kindda funny. A week ago he wouldn’t have cared who picked him up as long as he was by someone.

Evan definitely needs physical touch on a regular basis. Ean likes hugs and kisses before going to bed, but he doesn’t crave physical touch like Evan does. Our boys are really different in this particular area.

The other funny thing we’ve noticed lately is how Evan always wants to do what Ean does. If Ean is eating something, then Evan wants some too. (It would be nice if Ean would be the same way! He might eat more kinds of foods.)

It still amazes me that I have two boys. Three years ago I didn’t have any children. Raising two boys can be a lot of work. It is a huge responsibility along with being a great character builder.

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