Friday, January 4, 2008

Why I Chose Fred

Tonight I emailed over a dozen friends and family members about why I'm for Fred Thompson for President and to invite them to check him out themselves. The first email I sent was simply a form letter. The letter was so well written and said things so much like I would it didn't make sense to rewrite something myself. Instead, I followed up that email with the following. I thought I'd post it here to share it with the world (or those who take a peak at this corner of it).
<Friends & Family>

I just sent you a form letter from Fred08's website. It really does speak well about my opinions about Fred, but I wanted to personally explain why I'm supporting Fred Thompson for President.

Last night I caucused for Fred. It wasn't until Wednesday night (the night before the caucus) that I really took the time to look into Fred Thompson. I was really undecided up until reading all the position papers and principles Fred outlined on his website.

I've become somewhat of a political junky as I've grown older. I listen to talk radio far more than music in my car, and I try to keep up on current events around the world. Over the last year I've had a hard time determining which candidate for president I'd be able to support. I frankly haven't been thrilled about any of the choices, but I also knew that shouldn't keep me from participating in the process. Someone will be elected as President in 2008 and sitting on the sidelines and just doing nothing doesn't sit right with me anymore.

Fred Thompson may not survive the coming weeks due to the lack of any media attention, but I do feel in the depths of my heart that those who do take the time to check Fred out will be surprised. If anyone the current line up is going to be labeled like "Reagan" then Fred Thompson is the guy. Fred may not be the best communicator in sound bits and those 30 second commercials but when I sat down and listened to his 16+ minute messages to Iowans on Wednesday night (on his website I knew Fred was the kind of man I needed to support.

I find it somewhat amazing that so much of my life is now spent doing the two most controversial things people can do: religion and politics. I don't expect any of my friends or family members to be like me or even believe like me, but I do feel obligated to share with you those beliefs. What you do with them is your decision.

Well, in case you haven't read my blog in the last 24 hours, I'd ask that you check it out. I stepped out on caucus night to do a couple things I've never dreamed of doing before. I've going to get involved more actively in politics on a local level. I've been looking for something to do outside of my life at work/church and this might be just the hobby (aside from reading!) that will enable me to interact with a lot of new people.

Well, I've said enough at this point. If you care to read more you can do so at I just might post more of my thoughts and opinions in the days to come! Feel free to join in the conversation.

If you haven't taken the time to check Fred Thompson out for President I encourage you to do so today.

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  1. Your Uncle George says he thinks you are on the right track! He's already behind Fred (though I should note he isn't an "official" FRIEND OF FRED - yet!) He was impressed with what Fred had to say after hearing him interviewed on TV a couple of weeks ago. The upcoming bi-partisan debates this weekend should be interesting. Ohio primary is 3/4, just days before Iowa caucuses become "official." I am wondering, if by that time, what we think in Ohio will even matter.