Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fred Thompson for President

With the Iowa Caucuses less than a day away I finally took some time to look into the GOP candidates for president. Later today I plan on participating in the Iowa Caucuses for the first time by supporting Fred Thompson for president.

Up until tonight I didn't have a clear idea of who I've be voting for until reading up on Fred Thompson. I know Fred doesn't show up high in the polls here in Iowa but in my opinion he most represents the kind of leader our country needs in the coming years. His positions on national security, immigration and social security reforms make a lot of sense and reflect the wisdom and experience of a man who knows the issues and how to address them.

A big part of me wishes Fred Thompson entered the race sooner in the process. When I first started researching the candidates running for president no official position information from Senator Fred Thompson was available. I regret that I didn't seek this information out when he finally announced his intentions to run.

If you happen to be undecided for how you should vote into tonight's Iowa Caucus then may I suggest you take a closer look at Fred Thompson. He posted a special 16+ minute message to Iowans which provides you more than a sound bit about the kind of man he is. After watching the message I really found myself disappointed in how Fred comes across in commercials.

Regardless of how Fred Thompson does tonight I hope he perseveres and continues his candidacy.

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  1. John,

    I hope and pray that there are many more in Iowa thinking as you do! I think Fred is just what the country needs and especially the GOP, which can win running pale copies of the Democrat candidates.