Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tim Stevens "Pop Goes the Church" Book Review

Today I got an email from Tim's assistant letting me know I was chosen today. It was a pretty exciting moment for me.

Tim has been working on this book now for several months and it was been interesting reading his progress on his blog. I'm amazed at his ability to write a book, goto to India, and somehow do everything else he must have on his plate at Granger Community Church.

I eagerly await the arrival of the manuscript tomorrow at work. I won't be able to share anything specific about the book or share it with anyone until it is officially released, but I will put together a review about my initial overall impressions when I've completed the work.

Thanks Tim for this wonderful opportunity to provide you input on your latest book. I hope whatever feedback I give you will be helpful. For me it is a great opportunity to give a little back to the one whose given me so much through your other books and blog.

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