Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Emma Jayne: Day 2

Emma Jayne 315

Our family is growing!

Today was full of a lot of fun introducing Emma Jayne to her brothers, great-grandma, and a bunch of friends. She slept through most of the introductions but occasionally opened her eyes to check out the action.

Many thanks go to those of you who've reached out via emails, notes, and phone calls over the last couple days. We've really enjoyed sharing these precious moments in our family with you. (I've really enjoyed Judith's comments on various photos on Flickr.)

Our friends from Nashville, Josh and Julie Berry, happened to be town this week for a funeral so we were able to have a great visit with them at the hospital today. It was a lot of fun catching up with one another and sharing a lot of laughs. They get the prize for traveling the furtherest to see us at the hospital.

Tomorrow will be full of new experiences for us as we'll be taking Emma home for the very first time. (Dad needs to remember to bring the car seat to the hospital!) Checking out of the hospital is always an interesting experience for us. It always takes forever! Jayne is really looking forward to dressing Emma up in PINK for the very first time. It will be first of many new firsts as we take these next steps into the future with our first daughter.

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