Friday, April 4, 2014

Taking it step by step

The year is now 2014 and I'm trying several small and consistent steps each day. In the past I've tried taking large steps which don't seem to take me as far as those small ones taken more consistently.
Step 1: 10000 steps a day. 3 times a week going for a run.

Step 2: Stick to my daily Bible reading plan
Step 3: Logging my weight
Step 4: 40+ push ups
Step 5: Climbing up the fitness ladder created by
Step 6: ?

I did start all these steps at once; however, the discipline to them all daily would doomed to failure.
Mark Beeson impacted me life great years ago with his message to take my next step. The movie What About Bob talked about those baby steps.
How about you? Looking to make a change in your life? I highly recommend taking a small step each and everyday. It will probably take you further than a few big steps or no steps ever will.

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