Monday, March 19, 2007

Pool Table For Sale

7' Brunswick Cherry Hawthorn Pool Table
If anyone has been to our place in Ankeny then you know we don't have room for our nice pool table. Friends of ours had it set-up in their basement until they recently decided to remodel. The table is now in storage.

We don't anticipate buying a new home anytime in the near future so if someone is willing to pay $2200 for all the pool table stuff (including the ping pong top and a bunch of accessories) then we'd let it go. If we don't get any good offers we may end up keeping everything. We really liked having the pool table around. Plus, we know our boys would love it when they get a little older.

You can get more information about the table either at:

Craigslist | Pool Table

If you are interested... send me an email.

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