Sunday, December 10, 2006

Updating Website Today

Today I finally got around to doing a little maintenance on this website. It has been several weeks since I event posted another entry but I regularly visit the homepage for access to the sidebar links.

I'm still using Wordpress to manage the website so keeping the software up-to-date requires some attention every couples months as enhancement and security issues are addressed. I've gotten pretty comfortable with upgrading the software which Wordpress has made pretty simple. It also has become the time I back everything up off the server in case something goes wrong with the upgrade.

Today I also worked on implementing a plug-in which will automatically update my sidebar links from a RSS feed coming from my account. While it took a bit of work to organize the links into, keeping the links updated will be a lot easier since they are directly tied into Basically, whenever I bookmark a webpage with a specific tag that link will automatically show up on the sidebar.

I also added a plugin to create a sitemap specifically designed to work with Google. I registered the website with Google and provided them the link to the sitemap for them to utilize when indexing my website. It was interesting to look at the information Google provides to those who register their site with them. If you maintain your website then I'd highly recommend you check it out.

There were other things I checked out today. I learned that I can automatically publish to this blog from Google's document editor after configuring it properly.

Anyway, the worldwide web is pretty amazing. I'm continually amazed how far technology has come since the late 70s when I first played with one of those early Apple IIe machines.

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