Thursday, August 10, 2006

Alissa Gardner | Hi

Alissa Gardner

Alissa loves to read about herself online so I thought I'd give her a little something from me.

It can be a little embarrasing to know that the whole world could potientially see whatever is posted on the internet. The reality of the internet is the fact that most websites have few if any visits. Who knows... maybe someday my blog will be read by someone other than my wife.

Alissa is finally became an official aunt this week. Not only does she have two boys but also a brand new nephew to think about. Becoming an aunt is a pretty big responsibility. I'm sure Alissa will be a good aunt even though it means you're getting older. I'm not even an uncle yet and I'm 9 years older than her.

Well, I think I've written enough tonight to embarass Alissa a bit. Perhaps I should have edited this photo to show some rosey checks.

Tomorrow I may write about another friend of mine whose now the proud father of his first son.

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  1. thought it was funny to read about someone else who has the exact name as i...