Sunday, April 9, 2006


Doug Applebee, an old friend of mine, pointed me toward Joomla the other night as a possible content management system to look at for work. Well, I decided to give it a try at home. To my complete and utter amazement I was able to download and install Joomla without any problems.

Ive been searching for a template to use. For now Im just looking for freebee options; however, if I end up sticking with Joomla for a while I might look into customizing something.

In addition to loading Joomla, Ive installed the wordpress blog compentent. Im still pretty new to the blog thing so it will take some time for me to get used to how things work. There are several blogs Ive come across in the last few months Id like to link to.

I'm not exactly sure what the ultimate purpose of our family website will be. The biggest reason we obtained the domain was for getting a static email address. We can switch internet providers and still keep the same email address. In addition, Im also able to create unique email addresses for a lot of the business we deal with at home. (Companies beware, I know whose giving my email address away.)

Another reason for working on a personal website is to learn. Ive done a lot of work over the years learning how to work with video, print, and visual graphics; however, working with the web is still new to me. Designing for the web is a little more difficult for me to get my thoughts around. There is a learning curve involved and Im working my up the mountain. I dont think Ill ever have an interest in mastering the underlaying programming behind the creation of webpages; however, I do want to learn enough to understand the broad ideas of how things work.

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